Trickle Vents

Trickle Ventilators - Love them or hate them?

Triple Glazing - is it worth the extra money?

Triple Glazing Truths

How to soundproof windows

Reducing noise in your home of office with soundproof windows

Recycled uPVC Windows

One million plastic bottles are bought globally every minute, single use plastic is not great for the environment. How do uPVC windows compare?

Crittal windows and the alternatives - Smart Heritage aluminium

Replacing metal or Crittal windows - what are the alternatives?

Double glazing grant schemes

Double glazing grants - Do they exist? Mark Pearce, Managing Director, KJM Group discusses double-glazing grant schemes - and explains why you should be cautious.

Softwood or hardwood windows and doors?

What type of wood should I choose for my windows and doors? Accoya, Hardwood or Softwood

How to maintain uPVC windows

Mark Pearce, Managing Director, KJM Group explains that despite being low maintenance, from time-to-time, even PVC windows need a little TLC.

Triple glazing cost

How much are triple glazed windows?

Should I buy ‘smart’ windows and doors?

We’re switching onto smart technologies. We’re using smart devices to manage our heating, lighting and security