What are sliding sash windows

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What are sliding sash windows

What are sliding sash windows

Where the sliding sash windows actually comes from is disputed, no one seems to know the country of origin. Some say the word ‘sash’ is derived from the French word for a frame ‘chassis’ meaning they could come from France or possibly they are Dutch. Robert Hook was a British architect around in the 17th century who claimed to have invented the sash window.

According to Wikipedia the oldest surviving examples of sash windows were installed in England in the 1670’s at Palace House in Newmarket (now the National horseracing museum) or Ham House near Richmond London. What is sure is they thrived in Georgian and Victorian houses.

Sliding Sash Windows Details and Mechanism

The first thing you might be wondering is how sash windows work? Sash windows are different to a normal casement style windows that are common today with a side mounted hinge. Sash windows open from the top, the bottom, or both ways. The standard Georgian style sash windows offer a six over six pane style (equal size sashes), with Georgian bars to hold the glass together.  The internal sliding mechanism makes these windows ideal for city centres, as they don’t open onto busy pavements.

Types of Sash Windows

Our supplier of choice is Roseview windows, who manufacture three different sliding sash windows. This can suite differing budgets for your window replacements.  There are many different styles, design possibilities and customisation options, perfect for you and your property.

Sliding Sash windows in Hampshire

Ultimate Rose

The Ultimate Rose sash window is the pinnacle of sliding sash windows. It offers the best aspects of uPVC materials in a window that looks just like its timber counterpart. The window features the innovative and irreplicable 35mm mid-rail, it has a slim and sleek design that creates unparalleled style. Run-through horns, mechanical joints and an internal interlock are just some of the handcrafted finishing touches that complete the look of these distinguished sliding sash windows. They really do look like timber windows and we have one available to view in our Andover showroom

The Ultimate Rose window gives a fully functional thermal performance. It’s A rated for thermal efficiency and soundproof capabilities. The windows are perfect for conservation areas because of the level of authenticity they offer. The Ultimate Rose has a 81mm deep bottom rail, mechanical corner detail, seamless run through horns and can be specified for Part Q/PAS24 and Secure by Design. Other optional features include removable staff beads, no sash horns or Seahorse sash horns.

Run through sash horn

Heritage Rose

The Heritage Rose is also great for period Georgian and Victorian properties. With a slightly thicker 44mm mid-rail, this style of sash window offers a slim profile window that is perfect for traditional properties. The style like the Ultimate Rose sash window makes it look indistinguishable from timber windows.  The Heritage Rose has a 81mm deep bottom rail, welded corner detail and can be specified for Part Q/PAS24 and Secure by Design

Charisma Rose

The Charisma Rose is the most cost-effective timber style sliding sash window, the Charisma Rose sash window, offers affordable contemporary looks with modern uPVC performance. The sash windows have a 60mm mid-rail that gives you a contemporary look. They are a perfect choice for modern projects and new builds.

These windows have energy A-rated heat insulation and excellent sound insulation which is ideal for homeowners who live on a busy road or a loud neighbourhood. All the Roseview range come with double glazing as standard, giving you lighter rooms and security. This will also help keep intruders out. The robust design will protect your home against the UK’s worse weather conditions such as wind and rain.

The Charisma Rose can have a 100mm deep bottom rail, welded corner detail and can be specified as Secure by Design.

All the Roseview sliding sash window options can concealed trickle vents in the heads.

Sash Windows Come In Bespoke Designs And Colours

There are many individual options for our sash windows. These include, the colour of the furniture, astragal bars, glass options, cill options, gasket/brush-pile colours and trickle vents. We have a large number of configuration options to allow you to specify something fairly unique to you.

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We hope this article has helped you understand what sash windows are and all the benefits they offer.  Please do visit our Andover Hampshire showroom to decide on the best sash window for your property.  We have many different styles, designs, materials and options for you to consider. For further details on our sash windows visit this webpage

Sliding Sash Windows FAQ’s

What is a sliding sash window?

Sliding sash windows are windows that open vertically. They consist of two sashes that normally are equal in size that are offset from each other meaning they slide past each other. The top sash coming down and the bottom sash going up.  The up and down motion of vertical sliding sash windows is assisted by weighted cords and pulleys. The weights were normally manufactured from heavy steel, lead, or cast-iron. The weights counter-balance the window sash meaning they should stay at the point they are left open. More modern sash windows normally have the weights replace with a spiral spring balance. Within the UK the sash window is often found in Georgian and Victorian era houses.

What is a spiral spring balance in a sash window?

A modern spiral sash balance mechanism (spring balance) is a spring-loaded device used to counter-balance the weight of the sash in a box sash window. The spiral balance replaced the older weights and pulley mechanisms.

Why is a window called a sash?

The word ‘sash’ has a couple of meanings. The window sash is derived from the French word ‘chassis’, meaning frame. The other meaning for the word sash is a large colourful ribbon or band of material worn around the body. The band is normally worn about the waist or over one shoulder.

What are the disadvantages of sliding sash windows?

Sash windows only normally suit older properties and will not always fit with modern window sizes. Sash windows tend to be taller than they are wide. As the windows slide they don’t offer the same level of draught proofing as a conventional casement stormproof window (it is all in the name).  They are generally harder to clean the external face

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What are sliding sash windows

What are sliding sash windows

Where the sliding sash windows actually comes from is disputed, no one seems to know the country of origin. Some … Continued


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