GGF Members

Glass & Glazing Federation

KJM are members of the Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF).

Glass and Glazing Federation

Anyone choosing a GGF member company will benefit from the GGF’s strict vetting process of all its members and its insistence that all members work to the highest technical specifications in compliance with building regulations. Homeowners can rest assured that by choosing KJM Windows & Conservatories, a GGF Member Company they will get high quality products, service and workmanship and value for money.

The GGF is always keen to protect homeowners against unscrupulous traders and in the last few decades the Glass and Glazing Industry has endured an often unfair reputation leaving many homeowners wary. If you are thinking of having windows, glazed doors or a conservatory fitted by a KJM, then you can do so with the genuine confidence that the work will be carried out perfectly and with care and consideration for your home.

As well as installation, products manufactured by GGF member companies are to the highest standards and should perform at least to the regulated requirements. By choosing KJM, you will be covered by the GGF Conciliation Service and Customer Deposit Scheme. This service protects your deposit and installation meaning you can enjoy your new, high-performance windows and the benefits they will bring to your home and family.

If you feel that KJM has failed to deliver the required standards then in the first instance please contact either our Installation Manager Lee Seffron, Operations Manager Russell Hemming or Managing Director Mark Pearce. If  KJM are unable to resolve the problems then the GGF has set in its rules and codes of practice, then please contact the GGF and benefit from our free Conciliation Service – this is in place to resolve disputes between GGF Member Companies and customers. The success of the Conciliation Service is well proven with just one dispute in the last ten years being unresolved and going to arbitration.