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Wooden Conservatories Andover & Hampshire

KJM has provided our no pressure promise across our products and installations since the business began in 1983. To get a hassle free wooden conservatory quote in Berkshire, Dorset, Surrey, Wiltshire and surrounding areas, fill out our contact form, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Key Product Features

Our wooden conservatories give homeowners a distinctive appearance and provide years of durability and virtually stress free maintenance. Using excellent craftsmanship and expert installation, our timber conservatories are built to last for decades rather than years.

With high customisability, our conservatories add improvements to the style and thermal performance of your home. Featuring innovative materials, slimline ridges, hardware and glazing, you can experience increased space and comfort all year round in Andover and Hampshire areas.

Range of high quality timber
Highly durable and secure
Excellent thermal performance
Hardware and colour options
Expert craftsmanship
BBA approved

Customisation Options

Like many of our conservatories, our wooden conservatories are highly customisable. From choosing between our various wood types to completing the design with hardware and decorative cornices, each element can be tailored to suit you.

The roof can be customised with timber or aluminium designs. Alternatively, we offer four sash options to compliment the sapele, oak, softwood or Accoya wood you can choose from. If you’re looking to modernise our wooden conservatories, we offer internal pelmets to house speakers or spotlights. To view our fully installed conservatories, view our product gallery.

We use high performance glass to reach maximum thermal performance and energy efficiency. The orientation of your home vastly differentiates the amount of light and heat your home gets. North or east facing homes are often chiller and need more light. We combat this with high light transmission glass. South or west facing homes often struggle with too many sun rays, resulting in high temperatures. To combat this, we use low level light transmission glass with higher levels of solar efficiency. For us to correctly optimise your home, please state the type of glass you need in coordination with the direction of your home.


About KJM Group

Starting business in 1983, KJM has provided installation services to the Andover and Hampshire areas. Extending to homeowners in the Berkshire, Dorset, Surrey and Wiltshire areas, we strive to provide stress free quotations on all of our products.

Working with our partners Dempsey Dyer, we can install Which? and Checkatrade approved wooden conservatories for our customers. For more information on what we do, visit our about page.


Colour Customisation

Our wooden conservatories are available in various colours for you to choose from. Through this customisation, our conservatories can be stained or painted to add colour or woodgrain finishes to our materials. 

Used to increase the durability of the conservatory and provide a long lasting finish, our paints are designed to be applied with the grain of the timber in mind. We typically use a fully dipping technique to apply our basecoats while our finishes are sprayed onto the wood.

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Wooden Conservatory Prices Andover & Hampshire

Available with various customisation levels, our wooden conservatories can vary in price based on specification. Working with our partner Dempsey Dyer, we can offer a range of wood types available for manufacturing and installation across Andover and Hampshire.

Our wooden conservatories have been built to last with increased durability and security. To get a bespoke quote for our timber conservatories, fill out our contact form, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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