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Conservatory Roof Replacement


Older conservatories may have been installed with polycarbonate, or glass roofs that’s not thermally efficient. A replacement conservatory roof can transform your conservatory. Modern glazing is so much more efficient, in fact our reception at our showroom is a conservatory, we feel confident that whatever time of year you come to our showroom, you can see and feel the benefits of 21st century glazing. KJM from Andover in Hampshire have the solution to your problem.


Replacement Conservatory Roof Brochure


There are many reasons why customers have replaced their conservatory roofs. The most common are:

  • Increasing insulation, cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter


  • Reducing glare


  • Leaking roofs


  • Sagging roofs


  • Storm damage


  • Discoloured roof panels


  • Changing polycarbonate to glass


Please also view our Blog Page about replacing a conservatory roof. A personal view from KJM’s Managing Director Mark Pearce with video content.


It is often possible just to change the roof panels, as technology has progressed over the years, you can have much better insulation from polycarbonate, today’s panels are up-to 40mm thick and come in a variety of shades. Old roofs had 10-16mm panels.


The quality, look and feel of a glass roofed conservatory is second to none. If you want increased natural light, the stars and the sky, then glass is the only option. Another major advantage is glass is much quieter than polycarbonate in the rain. It is more expensive than polycarbonate but worth the extra money to most. There are a variety of glass options, including solar control, self cleaning, argon filled units and coloured anti-sun glass.


It is worth pointing out that is not always possible to reglaze an existing polycarbonate roof with glass units, as the supporting structure may not be able to handle the considerable extra weight and be able to support it in extreme weather conditions. We would suggest a free no obligation survey would be the best way to determine what Conservatory Roof Replacement solution would suit you best.


New roof structures are provided through our supplier Ultraframe. Further information on conservatory roof replacements including, polycarbonate and self cleaning glass can be found in our Conservatory brochure download section.


KJM are part of the Ultra Installer scheme, you can download our BBA inspection here.


Replacement Conservatory roof FAQ’s


What is the best replacement conservatory roof?

Replacement conservatory roofs are normally required for a number of reasons. These include being too hot in the summer months or too cold in the winter months. This is usually the result is having non-insulated glass without some form of solar control or older thin polycarbonate panels. Other issues include the conservatory suffering noise problems during heavy rain and just being old and not fir for purpose anymore. Your primary options for a roof replacement can include:-

• Changing older glass or polycarbonate panels to better glass including solar control and self-cleaning glass

• Solid roofs including the Livinroof and Ultraroof

• Solid roofs with some glass panels

So, what is the best replacement conservatory roof? The choices offer you different materials to do the job with differing aesthetics and costs of course. The first thing to consider is if it is worth spending a lot of money on a replacement roof, if the frames and base below them are in poor condition or not well insulated. If this is the case then you may need to start from the beginning.

Replacement conservatory roofs should be a balance between aesthetics, insulation required, cost and what is left underneath the new roof. This we would advise needs a survey and then a discussion on what you are trying to achieve to provide the best and most cost effective solution. Please also remember that in most cases building control and/or planning may well be required.

Are replacement conservatory roofs any good?

In a word yes! In most cases consumers are replacing old and thermally inefficient roofs that do not make the rooms useable all year round, because they are either too hot in the summer or to cold in the winter. If you have a conservatory which dates back to the 80’s or 90’s, there is a good chance that the roof is not very energy efficient.

If you are replacing an outdated polycarbonate or glass roof with a new insulated one, this will transform the appearance of your conservatory. It not only changes the way it looks and feels, it also alters its acoustics and means you really can use it all year round.

What should I look out for when replacing my conservatory roof?

If you are considering changing your conservatory roof then beware. Many home owners have sadly been badly advised and misinformed by glazing suppliers and their salesmen looking for a quick sale without advising you of the serious consequences of doing it incorrectly. Planning permissions will probably be required (although this does seem to vary according to what local authority you live in) Building regulations will be required. The Local Authority Building Control (LABC) offer guidance on this and state this as a potential pitfall “There are several methods of reroofing an existing structure on the market – the easiest and often cheapest way is simply to wrap a new roof over and under the existing roofing system. However, this method is the most likely to overstress the existing roof and wall structure and great care is needed. If you are offered this solution, you should ensure the company quoting to do the work can evidence the stability of the structure with the increased loading and satisfy both you and your local authority building control team of its adequacy”. You can download the LABC guidance document for re-roofing conservatories.
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