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The Lantern conservatory style was the original conservatory style when they were known as orangeries. For those with the right budget, a lantern roof makes a fantastic statement of grandeur and elegance. We can offer the Ultraframe Ultrasky or Korniche roof lantern in white, grey or black. You can visit our showroom in Andover Hampshire for further information and to view the roof.

Our stunning range of roof lanterns can be a beautiful addition to any flat roof or extension, adding natural light and volume to the room below. We offer made to measure roof lanterns or you can choose from a wide range of set sizes from the Ultrasky range. They are suitable for both new build, extensions and refurbishment projects. Our roof lanterns are particularly popular as part of single storey extensions. They are commonly used above kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms, a roof lantern adds a spectacular focal point.

Lantern roofs often feature a two-tier roof on different levels, creating a 'wedding-cake' effect. The two levels can be separated by a row of windows that is highly stylish and makes this style ideal for period properties of Victorian and Edwardian vintage, They can be added to existing flat roofs or incorporated in to a new extension.Todays modern lanterns are often selected without addditional windows. Which lantern roof you decide upon, the overall impression is of height, light and grandeur. A lantern conservatory roof is spacious and offers an uninterrupted view of the sky. With a two-tiered roofing structure, you get to use more windows, which means that more ventilation is available. We also offer a range of electrically powered opening side windows and roof vents, that can be thermostatically controlled.

A roof lantern is becoming a popular choice for extensions especially flat roof. We specialise in both a supply only service (please email your dimensions for a cost) and a supply/fit service. We have fitted numerous examples across Hampshire & Wiltshire. 

Combining your new roof with the latest high insulation self cleaning glass in a subtle blue tint can create a stunning effect to a flat roof.

Ultraframe UltraSky roof lantern

Lantern roof glazing options/Brochure

See our web page Roof Glazing Options page for further details.

Ultrasky Roof 

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Download our free Ultrasky roof options brochure

Korniche Roof 

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Roof Lantern Options

  • Available with roof vents (manual or electric) with thermostat and rain sensors
  • Available with either PVCu or aluminium cappings
  • Slimline systems including the Korniche and UltraSky roof lantern
  • Tinted and other glass options available for roof glazing
  • Can be specified with upstand windows to create a taller roof (wedding cake effect)
  • Coloured options available
  • Supply only - Trade roof lanterns available

Roof Lantern FAQ’s

How do I clean my roof lantern?

KJM normally specify their lantern roofs with self-cleaning glass. The most common self-clean glass in the market today is Pilkington Activ™ the world's first self-cleaning glass. It was specifically designed for conservatories, lanterns, conservatory roof replacements.

The first stage of the cleaning process is ‘photocatalytic’. The coating reacts with daylight to break down organic dirt. The second stage is ‘hydrophilic’. Here the glass helps stop the formation of droplets, instead rainwater hits the glass and spreads evenly, running off in a ‘sheet’ like way and taking the loosened dirt with it. It also dries quickly without leaving streaks.  We believe the terminology of ‘self-cleaning glass’ does not mean the glass will always be clean, but easier to keep clean than standard glass.

Before you start cleaning your roof risk assess the whole process, if you are NOT confident working at height, then hire a professional.

To clean the interior of your roof lantern

  • Where possible, move your furniture from under the lantern and spread a covering like plastic sheeting or similar to catch any water spills. Be careful that the temporary covering does not make the area slippery, this can be the case on hard floors. Stepladders will be required to reach the lantern.
  • Begin by dusting to get rid of dust and cobwebs.
  • Clean the glass and frame work with hot soapy water first, dry off and then use glass cleaner on the glass. Microfibre clothes to finish are useful for removing smears and streaks.
  • DO NOT harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.

To clean the exterior of your lantern:

  • Always use a specialist roof ladder to access your lantern safely, it is always worth having someone to foot any ladder.
  • Do not stand or lean on the lantern, they are not designed for any additional loads.
  • DO NOT harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, especially if self-cleaning glass is specified, this will damage the coating
  • Clean only with hot soapy water. If areas cannot be reached you use a mop to help.
  • Microfibre clothes to finish are useful for removing smears and streaks.

How big should my roof lantern be?

A common misconception is that large lanterns are required to get the most light and create a bright and airy room below. A 1 metre x 1 metre lantern can let in a surprising amount of sunlight. It is worth remembering that glass is not as thermally efficient as a standard roof construction method, so if it is too large the thermal losses will be higher. Lanterns are commonly used in larger kitchen/reception areas, an area of high humidity, so in the colder months condensation could form on the lantern. Modern double or triple glazed units are far better at insulating than glass units from the past, so ensure you specify wisely. Generally speaking, architects would advise that the overall glazing area in any extension should cover around 15-20% of the overall floor space. This of course is elevation and shading dependent.

Are roof lanterns easy to fit?

Most roof lanterns assemble together relatively easily, however we would recommend it is left to the experts to install. As an example self-cleaning glass coatings can be damaged by using the incorrect sealant. If you already have a flat roof extension then you cannot just cut a hole in it and fit a lantern to it. You will need to consider strengthening the area, your local building inspector will expect to see calculations as this is a structural change. In most cases an architect or structural engineer will be required to do the calculations. Larger openings will probably require steel work to be fitted to the existing roof. If you are starting from scratch with an extension this process should all be organised through the builder and architect before you start.

Lantern Roofs across Southern England including Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Dorset and Surrey - We can supply your roof in any colour - Materials include PVCu, aluminium and timber

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