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Our KJM range of timber windows is one of the most comprehensive ranges of high quality wooden window products that you are likely to find in the marketplace today. We offer the following timber window manufactured from either:-

Sapele hardwood - Oak hardwood - Redwood - Engineered softwood - Accoya

Being an independent company we can source from any manufacturer in the country. We have selected two suppliers, Dempsey Dyer and George Barnsdale as they manufacture wooden sliding sash windows, flush casements, storm-proof windows and a large selection of doors in Sapele hardwood, oak, softwood, engineered softwood or accoya timber. All are tailor made by experienced craftsmen to ensure our timber window products will give you years of trouble free pleasure. Both suppliers manufacture high quality timber windows and doors based on a high quality design. The beauty of timber is unsurpassable and if looked after will last for many generations and they take great pride in every window they produce. Carrying accreditations for thermal performance, security and weather tightness, our windows and doors can meet the most demanding specifications.

Hardwood/Accoya Window Manufacturing Process

  • Avoiding Trapped Moisture

Water can penetrate weak points of the external glazing seals. Our products are designed to shed water quickly. This is achieved with a minimum 7 degree slop along side a ventilation and drainage bead to all bottom glazing rebates

  • Controlling Timber Movement

All our end grains are coated with an impermeable "end grain sealant" to prevent any moisture absorption

  • Complete Finishing process

All our timber products are factory finished using a 3 part water based paint system with a fourth preservative process to meet any class species durability requirement.

  • Hardware and Handles

We offer a range of hardware to suit your requirements and our windows can be supplied with traditional monkey tail fasteners (handles) and stays or the latest shoot-bolt locking depending upon your choice. The Dempsy V Flush casement window is a popular choice for the older style of building. The storm-proof range for more modern buildings

What timber should I use for my windows?

For more information on what the best timber is for your windows - see our timber blog page article

Durability by Design Windows - Click for a detailed overview of our high performance timber range

Our timber sliding sash windows can be specified with the traditional weights and pulley system or spiral balance. Please see our range of brochures below to help you make your choice or visit our showroom to view our wooden windows

Wooden Window Brochures

George Barnsdale consumer window-door brochure

George Barnsdale Traditional range

George Barnsdale Historic range

Dempsey Dyer general window and door brochure

Stormproof Casement Windows

Flush Casement Windows

Sliding Sash (Weights and Pulleys)

Sliding Sash (Spiral Balance)

Accoya Windows & Doors



Timber Window FAQ's

What is a timber window?

A timber window is a window that is manufactured from wood. Modern timber windows are produced to exacting standards, that can be made in hardwoods and softwoods including engineered wood that is laminated and has the knots removed. This process prolongs the life span of the window, for the ultimate life span of a timber window, then Accoya is recommended, as this can last for many generations. Replacement timber windows are an essential part of our range for both listed buildings and houses in some conservation areas.

Are timbers windows cheaper than uPVC?

In a word NO. Timber windows are much more expensive because of the cost of materials; manufacturing methods are generally less automated and the fitting due to weight all add to the costs. It is worth considering that when windows can be replaced in uPVC, this will reduce costs significantly. Windows from the Residence Collection mimic timber perfectly and are very hard to differentiate. Seeing is believing!

What are the benefits of timber windows?

Timber has a greater thermal resistance than uPVC, this helps both reduce heat loss and condensation. If timber windows are well maintained they can last a lifetime, they are not a fit and forget product though, maintenance is essential. Timber windows can be painted to virtually any colour or be stained to bring out the natural beauty of the grain. Softwood windows can also be described as an environmentally friendly product, as it is manufactured from a fast-growing renewable resource, with a lower carbon footprint than uPVC. There are however options for recycled uPVC systems. The Veka infinity system is manufactured from up to 80% recycled materials.

What finishes/colours can you have on timber window?

Timber windows can either be stained or painted. When painted the basecoats are usually applied by the fully dipped method and the finish is sprayed on. Paint types and finishes can vary, including micro-porous paints that enable the paint to move with the timber. Depending upon the location paint finishes can last from anywhere up to 15 years. The quality of stain used and the location will also have an effect on the life of the finish and the window. So, to answer the question, timber can be finished in a multitude of colours and finishes.

How much do timber windows cost?

Timber windows cost much more than new uPVC windows, as much as three times the cost. There are variables that affect the costs. These include:-

  • Size of the window
  • Opening style, fixed windows are cheaper than opening ones
  • Double glazed, triple glazing, toughened glass, laminate glass, low-e glass, or stadip acoustic sound insulating glass? These can change the cost by as much as £80 per square metre
  • Colour choice, dual colours (a different colour inside to out) adds to the cost as they have a doubling painting process, first one side is done and then masked up and the opposite side is finished.
  • Timber choice, softwoods are cheaper than hardwoods, Accoya generally has a small premium over the hardwood cost.
  • Access for the installation is a major factor, timber windows are very heavy and will require a multi person lift, access equipment may well be required


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