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Conservatories Near Hampshire

Gable Conservatories Andover & Hampshire

Available for installation in the Andover and Hampshire areas, KJM can provide excellent customer service and high quality gable conservatories. If you are in the market for gable conservatories in Berkshire, Dorset, Surrey, Wiltshire, Woking and surrounding areas, use our contact form, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Key Product Features

Dating back to Georgian times, the gable conservatory is recognisable for their elegance and grand symmetrical style. Featuring a sloped roof with a gable end front, this conservatory gets their name from the upright front design, slimline ridges and stunning decorative cornice options. 

Providing a square or rectangular floor plan, these conservatories increase space and lighting in the home. The structural integrity of these conservatories is second to none as they have been wind tested at speeds up to 130 mph and they are the only roof to be BBA approved. Pulling features of Greek and Roman architecture, the window frames and glazing types can be customised for cohesion with your property.

Maximises light and space
Designed to match existing roofs
Enhances natural surroundings
Customisable front designs
Secure and durable quality
Multiple glazing designs
Conservatories Near Dorset

Customisation Options

If a standard gable conservatory lacks your desired features, consider opting for our customisable options. Based on their name, the gable end of our conservatories can be designed in different ways, such as sunburst effect designs or simpler ones. 

Alternatively, consider customising our gable end conservatory roofs, doors and window frames to match the existing property appearance and create stunning larger openings for your home. With different glazing options, such as insulated polycarbonate or self cleaning, we can customise our glazing based on property orientation for the best performance. To view our gable conservatories installed, visit our photo gallery.

Another way to personalise your gable conservatory is to utilise high-performance glass correctly. High performance glass works in conjunction with the orientation of your home. Depending on whether your home is north/east facing or south/west facing, the sunlight will hit your conservatory differently. If you correctly specify the type of glass your house requires, you can expect optimal performance from your gable conservatory.

Conservatories Near Surrey

About KJM Group

Working with Ultraframe to provide our customers with gable conservatory installation, we continue using high quality products and materials. Our installation services in Andover, Hampshire and surrounding areas are Which? and Checkatrade approved.

Since the business began in 1983, our company has been including our no pressure promise to all installations and quotes. Allowing customers to view our quotes in their own time is essential to our business. To find out more about our pledge, visit our about page.


Colour Customisation

Our gable conservatories can be customised in various ways by colour. Starting with framing, you can choose from multiple colours and finishes, such as white and woodgrain, to match existing windows and doors in your home.

Alternatively, you can choose window glazing colours to change the colour of light emitted into the room. From colours such as bronze opal, transparent, and opaque, you can tailor our gable end conservatories to suit your taste and existing property features.

Windows Near Andover
Window Options Prices Wiltshire
Agate Grey- 7038 - 665
Agate Grey
Colour Options Replacement Andover
Chartwell Green
Inspire Dempsey Dyer Beaumont Windows
Satin Black
Colour Options Replacement Hampshire
Anthracite Grey
Colour Options Double Glazing Wiltshire
Golden Oak
Colour Options Double Glazing Andover

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Gable Conservatory Prices Andover & Hampshire

Adding a grand element to your home, you can also rely on comfort and security alongside the aesthetic. Available at a standard that still offers security, comfort and light, you can find a base quote based on size with our quote engine. 

Providing customisation across our gable conservatories, our quotes can vary depending on factors such as glazing, colour, size and location in the Andover and Hampshire areas. For a bespoke quote which includes upgrades and specifications, contact us today using our contact form.

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