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Conservatories Near Wiltshire

Lean-To Conservatories Andover & Hampshire

At KJM, our Veranda, lean-to conservatories are available for installation in Andover and Hampshire areas. Using high quality products and customisation options, you can get a bespoke quote for Berkshire, Dorset, Surrey, Wiltshire, Bracknell and surrounding areas by filling out our contact form today.

Key Product Features

Simple by design and nature, our lean-to conservatories provide homeowners with the luxury of an additional room for a fraction of the price. These conservatories are versatile for room configurations by using clean lines and a contemporary appearance.

Whether you’re using them as a dining room, entertainment room or garden room, you can design a lean-to sunroom which provides maximum space with improved energy efficiency and temperature control. Their impressive energy efficiency doesn’t stop there with innovative slimline ridges, internal pelmets and being the only roof to be BBA approved on the market. Using an existing wall and amenities from the property, these conservatories are easy to install for full effect and comfort.

Versatile room configuration
Increases space and light
Various roof designs are available
High security specification
Suitable for all property types
Glazing height customisation
Conservatories Service Hampshire

Customisation Options

Although these conservatories are simple in design, the level of customisability is still as present in our lean-to conservatories as much as our other designs. Due to the simplicity, the roof’s pitch can be adapted based on the property; a bungalow would need a shallower design, whereas houses would need a steeper angle. You can be reassured that no matter the pitch you choose, the structural integrity of our conservatories can resist winds up to 130 mph.

Upgrades can be made to our lean-to sunrooms, such as floor heating, double and triple glazing and security features such as toughened glass and force resistant hinges. With Pilkington glass used for our windows, you can enjoy performance glass based on your properties orientation and keep the room cooler in summer and warmer in winter. View our product gallery for installed conservatory photographs.

Another way to customise your lean-to conservatory is to utilise high-performance glass correctly. Your home absorbs different amounts of sun rays depending on the orientation of your house. North or east facing tend to be colder, and south or west facing tend to be hotter. With performance glass, you can expect to optimise your thermal performance and energy efficiency, depending on which way your house is facing. To make this happen, please specify the correct type of glass in association with the location of your home.

Conservatories Service Andover

About KJM Group

Starting a business in 1983, KJM has provided excellent customer service to the Andover and Hampshire areas with a personalised touch. Our no pressure promise and assistance are available in Berkshire, Dorset, Surrey and Wiltshire areas.

Working with Ultraframe, we can provide our customers with expert lean-to conservatories and roof installation. To hear more about our services and how we became Which? and Checkatrade approved, visit our about page.


Colour Customisation

Our lean-to conservatories can be built and finished with traditional or contemporary appearances. No matter how you decide to customise the colour of the windows, doors, roof and decorative cornices, we have colours to suit all applications. For a conventional appearance, you can opt for white or cream colours.

Alternatively, using wooden foils and woodgrain colours, you can include a contemporary appearance. Like many windows, you can consider dual colours for installation to create your dream room extension. Alternatively, consider colouring our expansive doors while opening up space to your home.

Windows Near Andover
Window Options Prices Wiltshire
Agate Grey- 7038 - 665
Agate Grey
Colour Options Replacement Andover
Chartwell Green
Inspire Dempsey Dyer Beaumont Windows
Satin Black
Colour Options Replacement Hampshire
Anthracite Grey
Colour Options Double Glazing Wiltshire
Golden Oak
Colour Options Double Glazing Andover

Glass Roof Technical Guide

Glass Roof Installation Guide

Glass Roof Low Pitch Lean-to Installation Guide

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Lean-To Conservatory Prices Andover & Hampshire

If you are still determining what specifications you would be looking for, we have created a quote engine to provide you with a standard quote on our lean-to conservatories based on size and location in the Andover, Guildford and Hampshire areas.

Alternatively, we can discuss these through our quotation service if you have specific specifications and tastes. Fill in the contact form, and we will get a quote to you as soon as possible.

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