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Orangeries Andover & Hampshire

Starting our business in 1983, KJM continues to expand our product catalogue for our customers and homeowners in Andover, Hampshire and surrounding areas. For an installation quote for our orangeries, use our contact form; we will contact you as soon as possible.

Key Product Features

Using a different style to traditional conservatories, our orangeries provide a classic and contemporary style to properties. With modern roots in 17th century Holland, our orangery designs are built to flood adjacent rooms with light while adding a grand appearance.

Featuring a higher interior height than traditional conservatories and extensions, our orangery extensions are typically built with less glass and supports available for customisation. These rooms can feel bright and spacious using glazed sides and fewer window bars.

Increased light and space
High security specification
Upgradeable insulated columns
High performance glazing
Range of windows and doors
Suits all property aesthetics
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Customisation Options

Due to the nature of their design, our orangeries include plenty of customisable options for installation. Choose from wooden or brick supports and pillars to add privacy and height to your orangery.

Implement window and door types for added security and glazing options. Alternatively, upgrade our orangeries to include structural goal posts, insulated columns, decorative cornices and glazing designs for the perfect orangery for your home. To see completed orangery extensions, view our product gallery.

Our high-performance glass lets you get the most out of your orangery. High performance glass is specifically designed to suit the orientation of your home. For example, north and east facing homes are usually chillier due to their lack of sunlight, whereas south and west facing homes can sometimes overheat at they have too much sunlight.

Once you have specified what type of glass your new orangery needs in conjunction with the direction of your home, you can expect excellent thermal performance and energy efficiency all year round.

Conservatories Installation Andover

Modern Orangery Designs

KJM orangeries, like conservatory styles, are both traditional and contemporary, falling somewhere between conservatory and traditional extension styles. With their brick pillars, orangeries offer more privacy than conservatory styles and the interior height provides a breath-taking focal point through which light floods in to your home.

The orangery has its modern roots in 17th century Holland, when relations between the Dutch and the British were good. The concept, though, may be much older. There are records of buildings similar to orangeries in 14th-century France, and the Romans had built glorified greenhouses many years before that.

Today’s orangeries, like conservatory styles, are generally buildings with glazed sides and brick or wood supports. Orangeries use less glass than modern conservatory styles and can look stunning with the addition of sliding sash windows. For more information or to start your project, request a quote today!


Orangery Prices Andover & Hampshire

To find the standard price of our orangeries, use our quote engine today. Build the orangery of your property dreams by customising our standard design. With various colours, windows, doors and configurations available, we can find the orangery you are looking for in the Andover and Hampshire areas.

Upgrade our orangeries by including additional properties such as insulated columns, decorative cornices and underfloor heating to meet room specifications and design needs. To get a bespoke quote, use our contact form, and we will respond as soon as possible.

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