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Residence 7 Windows Andover & Hampshire

KJM provides Residence 7 windows in Andover, Hampshire, Berkshire, Dorset, Surrey, Wiltshire and surrounding areas. Get an easy online quote today or visit.

Key Product Features

Following the success of the Residence 9 range, the equally impressive Residence 7 window has been launched. Residence 7 is a new 75mm deep window system designed to replicate the 19th Century Flush Sash Timber Window by utilising stunning timber welds and glazing. It can even be considered for use in conservation areas due to its authentic appearance.

This authentic design is also appealing to any homeowner who wants a top end luxury window brand. It can accommodate 28mm double or 44mm triple glazing with market leading thermal and acoustic performance. It achieved one of the highest classifications on weather test due to its robust, hand finished and craftsmen made design. You can visit our showroom in Andover, Hampshire to view our product range.

Low maintenance
Multi point locking mechanism
Racking forces resistant
Night vent facility
Handle and colour customisation
Manufactured with timber welds
Residence Collection Windows

Customisation Options

Our Residence 7 windows provide customers with a sleek and customisable design. With double and triple glazing available, we recommend the triple glazing styles for additional benefits. Offering further sound and thermal insulation, A++ energy ratings and 0.8 W/m2K U-values, the triple glazing improves the window’s performance.

The hardware of the window can also be customised to meet design requirements. If you’re looking for a traditional look, monkey tail and pear drop handles are available, along with dummy or butt hinges for customisation. To view examples of customisation, you can view our product gallery.

R7 Residence Windows

Timber Weld Options

Our range of beautiful Residence 7 windows are available in various welds in order to give your home the perfect internal and external finish. Starting with a traditional mechanical joint, you can benefit from an excellent alternative to timber aesthetics. Similarly, the mitre welded joint or Graf weld uses diagonal fuse joints for the perfect contemporary or seamless appearance. 

Residence are well known for their popular Timberweld process, which is used to weld the profile with a timber look to both sides of the profile—an excellent option for homes looking for a cost-effective and low maintenance timber appearance. Alternatively, the Residence 7 windows can be manufactured with Mechweld/External Timber Look (ETL) diagonal welds to the internal face and a timber look to the external face. Combined with a stunning selection of colours and woodgrain finishes, you can enjoy aesthetics and performance with these windows.


R7 Windows

About KJM Group

Working in the Andover area since 1983, KJM has been bringing excellent customer service and high quality products to our communities. We also install Residence 7 windows in Berkshire, Dorset, Surrey, Wiltshire and surrounding areas.

Working closely with our partner Residence to install these windows, we are proudly Which? approved. To hear more about what we do, visit our about page today.


Residence 7 Multi-Chambered Window

Normal PVC window frames have three, five or sometimes six chambers and are usually 70mm thick (inside to out) The Residence 7 system has seven chambers, so it achieves market leading performance!

Residence 7 is a new window system designed to replicate the 19th century flush sash timber window. It has been designed from scratch and has therefore been designed to accommodate the additional size and weight of 44mm triple glazing. Town-houses can now be upgraded to significantly reduce noise pollution. By specifying triple glazing for use with our seven chambered frame design you can achieve market leading performance for sound and thermal insulation.

Flush External Sash
75mm Frame Depth
Flush Internal Sash
Glazing bead style to suit 28mm double or 44mm triple glazing
Glazing bead style to suit 28mm double or 44mm triple glazing
7 Chambered System

Hardware Options

Monkey Tail - Antique Bronze
Monkey Tail - Gold
Monkey Tail - Polished Chrome
Pear Drop - Antique Bronze
Pear Drop - Gold
Pear Drop - Polished Chrome
Peg Stay - Antique Bronze
Peg Stay - Gold
Peg Stay - Polished Chrome

Scroll left/right to see more options.

Colour Customisation

The joints of our R7 window are hand crafted and combines the repeatability of the modern machining process with the eye of a craftsman.

You can personalise your Residence 7 windows with a choice of handles, with monkey-tail and pear drop being popular designs of the period. If your room is more contemporary you can also specify more modern finishes like Chrome, Brass or a Pewter Patina.

Available in various colours, you can customise your Residence 7 windows to your dream contemporary, traditional or modern home aesthetics. With the option for dual colours, you can pick finishes to match each room internally and externally.

Colour Options Triple Glazing Wiltshire
Cotswold Biscuit
Inspire Dempsey Dyer Beaumont Windows
Grained White
Colour Options Replacement Wiltshire
Clotted Cream
Colour Options Triple Glazing Dorset
Colour Options Triple Glazing Hampshire
Cotswold Green
Colour Options Triple Glazing Andover
English Oak
Colour Options Triple Glazing Surrey
Irish Oak
Colour Options Double Glazing Wiltshire
Golden Oak
Colour Options Quotes Andover
Silvered Oak
Colour Options Double Glazing Dorset
Corse Lawn
Colour Options Double Glazing Andover
Colour Options Double Glazing Surrey
Eclectic Grey
Colour Options Double Glazing Hampshire
No. 10 Black

Residence 7 Window Prices Andover & Hampshire

If you are looking for a quote which includes VAT and installation fees, use our online contact form today. Giving homes a high end boutique appearance, our R7 windows are available for installation in Andover and Hampshire. We also provide our double glazing services in Newbury and high quality Residence 7 windows to surrounding areas.

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