The best flush casement window

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The best flush casement window

The best flush casement window

The best flush casement window, what choices are available for my home? Let’s start with the term casement. This is normally an opening window that is attached to its frame with hinges that would normally open outwards. Casement windows were often held open with a casement stay, a small arm with holes in its length attached to the bottom of the opening sash that connected to a peg in the frame. They normally were side opening, ones hinged at the bottom were referred to as hoppers and top hung were called awning windows

Flush casement window history

Flush casement windows started to appear in the nineteenth century in Edwardian and Victorian era homes. At this time, they were manufactured in timber (like almost all windows at the time) and competed with sliding sash windows in new houses. Flush windows were called this because of the external appearance of the window. The opening window (when closed) sits completely flush to the extremal frame of the window. The Georgian pane was due to glass manufacturing capabilities (glass was not manufactured on an industrial scale in large sheets). As time moved on advances in glazing technology and the timber industry resulted in the number of casements reducing from 6 to 2 panes per window.

Common and more modern designs of windows that overlap the frame are generally referred to as stormproof casements. These were introduced in the 1950’s. A lip on the opening was introduced to stop the window sitting flush. This made it sit proud of the frame, often called lipped casement windows.  This modern design design actually ensured extra protection against the elements, hence the name stormproof.

Revival of Flush Windows

Flush casement windows have had a resurgence in popularity in the last few years due to manufacturers coming up with some stunning and authentic modern systems, that not only look good but have excellent thermal properties. The other factor for their renaissance, stems from the increasing demand for windows with a different aesthetic to more traditional casement designs. Some consumers follow trends and like change.

Which flush sash window should I choose for my home?

In KJM’s showroom in Andover Hampshire, we have some good choices for you to choose from. We can certainly recommend a visit to you can view these. Our offering includes the Sheerline Prestige aluminium window, uPVC offerings include the Residence 9 and Residence 7 system. Another uPVC offering is the stunning Deceuninck flush window. Finally, we do have a timber offering flush casement that can be manufactured in engineered softwood, hardwood or even Accoya a market leading long-life timber.

Windows in Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas

Listed buildings will always require consent, so the first call will always have to be to the listed buildings officer at your local council. The priority with listed building is repair then replacement if repair is not possible.

Conservation areas are different and the interpretation can vary from local authority to local authority. With this in mind we would always recommend checking with them if you are planning a radical change from your existing windows, even a colour change could result in a planning application, they are rarely refused, but it is just another layer of ‘red-tape’ that is best not ignored.  

Flush casement window choices

Sheerline Flush aluminium window

The Sheerline aluminium system was new to KJM in 2023. It has a number of options and can be glazed with the very best double glazing or market leading 44mm triple glazing.

Deceuninck Flush Casement uPVC Window

Deceuninck offer a wide range of colours to choose from. Graf welds and mechanically jointed frames make these a traditional and elegant style of these window that will complement any building they are installed into.

Residence 7 and Residence 9 windows

Residence 9 and Residence 7 windows are an eclectic blend of traditional aesthetics and innovative design. Whatever period your property is, Residence 9 windows will look great as they copied historical design and considered conservation guidelines. Both window systems are available with market leading 44mm triple glazing.

Timber windows

With the beauty of timber all window designs can be achieved. Our preferred supplier is the long establish George Barnsdale, who can manufacture flush casement to any specification

What are flush casement windows?

The flush casement sash window design gives the external face of your window a completely flush appearance. When the window is shut, it is flush in the outer frame, rather than standing proud, meaning there’s no visible overlap when looking at your window from outside.

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The best flush casement window

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The best flush casement window, what choices are available for my home? Let’s start with the term casement. This is … Continued

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