Can I change my conservatory roof to tiles

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Can I change my conservatory roof to tiles

Can I change my conservatory roof to tiles

As one of Hampshire’s leading conservatory installation companies, we at KJM are asked the question “can I change my conservatory roof to tiles” quite a lot.

In a very short answer YES! Older conservatories were either built with glass or polycarbonate and in most cases, it is possible to change just the roof, regardless of the conservatories shape and size. This is because they are built with lightweight faux tiling. This means in most cases the existing conservatory frames should provide them with enough support. We can of course also buid you a new extension with these market leading thermally efiicient roofs.

To ensure that you know exactly what to expect when it comes to tiled/solid conservatory roofs, we’ve created this informative blog. This should answer all the frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the subject.

Will changing my old conservatory roof make my conservatory more energy efficient?

The unequivocal answer to this question is yes, especially true if your polycarbonate or glass conservatory roof is fairly old. One of the unique selling points of tiled conservatory roofs is that they have the best thermal performance out of any conservatory roofing solution.

An independent insulation specialist says our tiled conservatory roofs can achieve a 0.12 Wm2K u-value in the roofs supplied as Warmer Roof Plus and a U-Value of 0.15 Wm2K for Warmer Roof Standard. When you consider that a cavity wall u-value requirement of a new build external wall 0.18 W/m²KView of a tiled roof conservatory

Are clad over roofs legal?

A clad over roof is often sold as a cheaper alternative roof improvement for energy efficiency reasons. It can take many forms but never usually involves removing the old structure. This is not good practice because the roofs are only engineered for their original purpose. There are different types of clad over and/or clad under. The law is clear, a conservatory is exempt from building regulations providing it meets the criteria as listed below. So if the roof does not remain 75% translucent it will need a sign off certificate from building control. Buyers beware beacuse this is often overlooked with the so called cheaper alternatives.

Will a tiled ‘warm-roof’ conservatory roof reduce the heating requirements?

The more energy-efficient a conservatory is, the less it will cost to heat. So considering a change your conservatory roof to tiles will almost certainly make your conservatory more energy efficient. The only slight negative is the solar gain from a cold, crisp winters day when the sun is shining won’t help that much with increasing the warmth of a conservatory (when needed). It does however work well at not making a greenhouse in the summer and a freezer in the winter!

Does changing a conservatory roof to a warm roof require building regulations?

Conservatories are exempt from building regs under the following conditions: –

•              The floor area must not exceed 30m² (measured internally.)
•              The conservatory is separated from the house by either external quality door or windows
•              It must be built at ground level.
•              There should be an independent heating system, separated from the house system
•              The glazing must comply with the safety requirements of Building Regulations part N.
•              75% of the roof must be transparent or translucent.
So changing your roof that results in any other of the above conditions changing will always require building regulations. Most modern roof systems are pre-approved. One of our roof suppliers Warmer Roof are tested and approved by qualified independent structural engineers.  This ensures all design elements comply and exceed the requirements for Building Regulations. Every aspect of the Warmer Roof is rigorously tested using specialist software to ensure any structural issues are highlighted. These results are then compiled into a structural report which consist of formulas, span tables and design drawings all of which are submitted to Stroma Building Control for approval. As a company we also have to check both the footings and frame integrity of the existing building.

Does changing a conservatory roof to a warm roof require planning permission?

There are different regulations for properties in throughout the country so we always advise that is worth checking with the local authority. You may find that if you live in certain areas you have to comply with stricter regulations to achieve your replacement conservatory roof planning permission if you are wanting to add a solid tiled roof to your conservatory. Generally speaking most local authorities surrounding KJM in Andover Hampshire DO REQUIRE PLANNING FOR ROOF CHANGES as the tiles are a material change from those already on the house, so don’t actually match perfectly.

What about my existing windows and doors with my replacement warmer roof

We would always recommend assessing the current condition of the window and doors. A good analogy would be about putting a new engine into a rusting reck of a car. If the windows and doors are in good condition then there is certainly no need to change them. It is always worth checking the thermal efficiency of the existing glass. On a final note it would be a lot easier to change the windows and doors whilst the roof is off than after it has been fitted

How much does a tiled conservatory roof cost?

Every replacement conservatory roof job we do is priced on a project by project basis. If you are considering changing an older KJM installation we may still have the size records filed, so could consult these to provide a good ball-park estimate. If you would like to send us an internal and external photo of the current building with some approximate sizes we could once again provide a reliable ball-park figure for the roof replacement. We are also very happy to send a sales consultant to talk through the project, take sizes and then forward on a quotation to you with zero obligation.

Can you do interest free credit or buy now pay later on your conservatory roof replacements?

BEWARE of these so called cheap finance schemes. There are no banks or finance companies that we know of that provide free loans, so always check the price with a company that is not offering ‘free credit’ We have a blog article on “interest free credit for your tiled conservatory roof

Will replacing a conservatory roof with a solid roof reduce external sound?

The sound of heavy rain on a polycarbonate conservatory roof is a common problem. Glass roofs are marginally better. However, tiled roofs due to their thickness and insulation virtually eliminate any noise that is caused when it rains hard, so you can enjoy a quiet and relaxing conservatory environment. For additional advice on soundproofing, check out our blog on how to soundproof your home.

Does a solid conservatory roof reduce light in my conservatory?

Due to their solid designs, tiled conservatory roofs allow slightly less light into the room than polycarbonate or a glass roof. However, they can be fitted with some or one glazed roof lights to minimise the loss of. These roof lights can also be Velux style, allowing you to introduce fresh air to your conservatory.

What is the length of warranty on a solid conservatory roof replacement?

KJM have been trading for over four times the length of our guarantee. Most of our window, door and roof replacement range comes with a 10-year guarantee so you will be covered in the unlikely event that something goes wrong during that time.

How long do conservatories roof replacements last?

So how long do conservatory roof replacements last? Conservatories typically last for approximately 20 years, warmer roof replacements could easily last up to 50 years

Can you customise the inside of your tiled roof conservatory?

Yes, you can. Most of the roofs are finished with internal plastered ceiling which can be fitted with integrated spotlights or downlights. Any wiring for any audio, alarm and visual equipment can also be concealed within the ceiling, creating a neat-looking conservatory. We leave it with you to customise the paint finish.

How long does it take to change my conservatory roof to tiles?

This question is always a difficult one to answer. The old conservatory roof coming off and the new one being fitted is only normally a matter of days. However, the time between first fix electrics, plastering and second fix electrics can be longer for many reasons, including giving time for the structure to dry out.

Will a solid rood conservatory match the tiles on my property?

There are many variations/types of tiles that can be used. Tapco Slate adds elegance and tradition to your Warmer Roof. With a textured surface and riven edges these tiles mimic the appearance of genuine slate
but are much lighter in weight and are manufactured from a recyclable blend of limestone and polypropylene. Other options include the Metrotile Shingle. It is a simple but elegant tile solution for your tiled roof conservatory. Made from galvanised steelsheet with a stone-coated finish these tiles are practical, economical and sustainable

Change your conservatory roof to tiles? Are you interested in replacing your glass or polycarbonate roof with a high-performance tiled conservatory roof? Get in touch with us at KJM in Andover Hampshire. We can also install brand new conservatories with tiled roofs if this option is better suited to your requirements.

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