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Veka Infinity Recycled Window/Door System

Plastic has been getting a very bad press in recent times. Disposable one use plastic, when not properly disposed of, is causing our environment no ends of problems. The old uPVC windows and doors we remove we recycle, so where does this recycled material go?

KJM are proud to announce the addition to our product range…The Veka Infinity recycled profile system.

Plastic waste has become a global concern. According to data released in 2020, nearly four hundred million tons of it are produced globally every year, while 79% of all plastic waste ever produced has ended up in landfills or as litter in natural environments, not data that should make any of us happy. The 21st century has led to innovations in recycling, because of this PVCu windows and doors can now be labelled as the first choice for sustainability too. This is because you can recycle and re-use ‘end of life PVCu’ and put it back into our new products, so minimal material ends up as waste in landfill. Millions of window and door frames are now recycled every year and KJM can boast that every uPVC frame we remove will not end up in landfill.

The VEKA Infinity System combines the highest levels of technology and style that you would expect from a VEKA window system, coupled with an environmental conscience, Recycled windowsas Infinity profiles contain up to 80% recycled content, dependent on the window style.

Extruded to BS EN12608 extrusion performance standards, Veka Infinity maintains UV stability, cold impact classification and heat reversion to provide the performance of virgin profile, with the social benefits of a recycled product – a must for many projects in the commercial marketplace, and brought to you by the first windows systems company to establish a PVC-U recycling plant, VEKA.

Recycled Specification

The Veka Infinity system is designed in such a way that all recycled material is totally encapsulated within a virgin raw material, ensuring the perfect surface finish that all VEKA window system are renowned for.

  • All profiles are extruded to BS EN12608.
  • Recycled profiles containing up to 80% recycled content.
  • Infinity can achieve ‘A++’ ratings with the appropriate triple glazed units, Infinity casement windows can also achieve U values as low as 0.8.
  • Perfect quality and colour match for Matrix 70 system, allowing full integration of the 2 systems.
  • All Infinity recycled profiles are guaranteed for 10 years


KJM’s – The countries first installer of the Veka Infinity system

KJM are believed to be the first company in the UK to install the Veka Infinity system into a domestic home. It was that much of a milestone within the industry that Veka decided to make a promotional video.

KJM Veka Infinity Installation.

Download our free Veka Infinity System Brochure (manufacturers) or the Veka Infinity Retail Brochure

Link to our manufacturers Veka Infinity webpage

Although no cheaper than our conventional systems, due to the more complex manufacturing process, the environmental impact of this product ensures that the use of precious resources for manufacture and the lower carbon footprint of the product, help towards a more sustainable world.

Hardware Options

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SATIN CHROME Handles Service Wiltshire
WHITE Handles Services Hampshire
ANTHRACITE GREY Handles Services Surrey
BLACK Handles Services Dorset
POLISHED CHROME Handles Services Wiltshire

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