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KJM is an award winning company based in Andover. We were established in 1982 and have been installing quality triple glazed products into homes in the Newbury area for many years. We can offer market leading 44mm triple-glazed windows that are over 40% more thermally efficient than our ‘A’ rated double glazed windows in both our Veka and Residence 9 Flush casement systems.

Our range of Triple glazed windows & doors

Established in 1982, KJM is an award-winning expert in high quality double and triple glazing installations. Based in Andover, we cover a wide area including Newbury, its surrounds, and beyond. Our sales team are non-commissioned so our customers enjoy a low-pressure purchase process when searching for their new triple glazing.

At a Glance

We work with a broad range of triple glazing ranges in uPVC, Aluminium and Hardwood materials. This enables us to fulfil projects involving doors, windows, roofs and conservatories. We provide and install products for private and trade clients. As we are so long-established, we have developed partnerships with many local builders and contractors.

The Quotation Process

Our free and no obligation quotation process is bespoke to our customer’s needs. So when we visit your property, we will advise you of your options taking into account all your local factors. Primarily this includes building style, light and noise levels. We strive to be respectful to our clients. This is why we keep our prices low and avoid illusionary discounts.

Triple Glazing Options

The triple glazed units that we provide are 44mm units which offer over 40% improved thermal efficiency when compared to ‘A’ rated double glazed windows. These units have also displayed more than 25% better insulation performance than 36mm units provided by alternative suppliers. Some product lines require a slimmer triple glazed unit. In these circumstances, our 28mm tripled glazed unit is a more expensive, but effective solution. This unit uses Krypton gas to fill the gaps in between glazing rather than Argon gas which is standard in our 44mm sealed units.

How it works?


Clearly, the gas which fills the gaps in between glass is important. The triple glazing of old would be filled with either air or dry nitrogen prior to sealing. Argon is a slower moving gas which minimises convection currents within the gap and reduces heat conduction through the gas. In this way, the transfer of heat between the inside and outside of the panes is decreased.


Around the glass are Swisspacer bars. Alternatively known as ‘warm edge spacers’, these features ensure that less heat is conducted at the edge of the glass. This reduces condensation and improves insulation performance.

Low-E Glass

Our products feature a soft coat low emissivity glass. The soft coating offers better light transmission, enhanced clarity and improved diffusion of light.

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Our Green Credentials

The superior energy efficiency of our triple glazing units carries huge benefits both to the environment and to your ongoing energy bills. What else are we doing though? We are proud suppliers of the Veka Infinity Window & Door profile system. The core of these casements is manufactured with recycled material. Another line, Profile 22 uses recycled composite material (RCM) for its internal reinforcements. On installation, we separate and recycle removed waste materials, including uPVC, aluminium, paper and card packaging and glass panes.

Peace of Mind

Through all these commitments, we hope to offer environmental peace of mind here are KJM. Not only this, though, we strive to provide our customers with personal peace of mind too. We are approved by Hampshire Trading Standards and Which? reports and offer a full 10-year warranty on products.

Improved security protection
Enhanced sound insulation
Comfort and stability
Excellent energy efficiency
Utilises modern technology
Longevity and durability

Improved Security

Improved security over double glazed windows, due to the extra pane of toughened glass. Internally glazed windows offer added security and prevents the removal of the glass from the outside.

Sound Insulation

There is no major gain having triple glazing with three equal thicknesses of glass. The best solution would be with a thicker centre pane, please enquire for further information.

Heat Insulation

44mm sealed units filled with two 16mm cavities of argon gas. Argon gas is heavier than air, so acts as an insulator

Prevent Cold-Bridging

Warm edge spacer bars made from a composite material to stop the cold-bridge across the unit.

Low-emissivity Glass

Two coatings of low-emissivity glass (Low E). This is a microscopically thin coating that stops the heat from your house going outside.

Plenty of Options

Available in the Sheerline Prestige, Residence 9 and Residence 7 systems as a 44mm unit.

Triple Glazing Prices Newbury

We can supply both trade and offer supply only costs for our triple glazing range. We also are in partnership with local builders, who can tackle extensions and new-build projects. At KJM we don’t just sell “White PVC Windows” we offer a huge range including the handcrafted Beaumont & Residence 9 PVCu systems, Deceuninck Style-Line 70mm fully sculptured and bevelled windows from Veka & Profile 22 complete the PVC line-up. We also offer a full range of conservatories, doors including composite front doors and bi-folding doors.

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