White wood-grain foil effect windows

Looking for something different? The new white woodgrain foil window has arrived. The grain effect on the white profiles, gives a softer less 'shiny look'. Its available across our range of premium windows

White Foil PVC windowsAlthough a little more expensive than your standard white window, it will really provide you with something a little bit different.

A foil is a form of laminate finish. Foils usually replicate the colour, and most importantly, the texture of wood from a particular species of timber. They work by emulating the unique ‘grain’ of a timber species, and are incredibly useful for adding a specific aesthetic to the window. Foils are applied by a heat bonding process which fuses it to the surface of the uPVC, creating a practically unbreakable finish. This process was first used with woodgrain colours (mahogany, oak & rosewood) but is now available in white.

Available in most, but not all of our PVC product range. It can also be specified on our triple glazed windows, Composite doors and Victorian style sliding sash windows. Why not visit our showroom in Andover Hampshire to view our range of foiled windows?

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Our window and door range is available with the very best energy efficient glass. A combination of low-e glass, argon filled units and warm-edge spacer bars can give you the lowest u-values on the market today. A warm edge spacer bar helps improve a window’s energy efficiency but it also has other important functions. It keeps the panes of glass apart and with sealants and desiccants, should be a gas tight barrier to prevent moisture vapour getting in and the insulating gas leaking out of the sealed unit. If the spacer bar doesn’t stop moisture vapour transmission and gas leakage, the sealed unit will become energy inefficient and eventually fail. Modern composite warm edge spacer bars and sealants will prolong the life of a sealed unit.

White foil PVCu windows, doors & conservatories in Hampshire-Berkshire-Wiltshire-Surrey-Dorset

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