Date posted: 30th November 2016

10 Simple Security Tips for your Home

Christmas is the season of goodwill but it’s also a time when your home could be targeted by less welcome visitors.

UK statistics show, parties, trips away to see relatives and the last-minute dash to buy presents, can mean that it’s not only high street retailers who cash in on Christmas. It’s also a prime time for opportunist criminals.

Burglary anytime of the year is a horrible thing but it’s even worse at Christmas, when you should be enjoying time with family and friends”, said Mark Pearce, Managing Director of home improvement specialist KJM Group.

He continued: “Forced windows and doors feature in more than half of all break-ins, so checking that they’re in good working order is an important first step in making sure unwanted visitors don’t crash your Christmas.”

KJM Group Christmas home security check list:

  1. Are your windows and doors secure? It’s a basic question but are locks and locking mechanisms working properly and are windows and doors in good condition. Rotten or damaged wooden frames or older PVC-U panel doors, could mean that your property is vulnerable
  2. If you have locks – use them. It may seem obvious but we can sometimes be the architects of our downfall. Most of us will make sure that we lock doors but windows can be vulnerable, so if you have locking mechanisms, use them. It’s also really important for insurance purposes
  3. Consider installation of front and back door sensor lighting. Burglars won’t want to be in the spotlight.
  4. If you live in a high crime area or a window is hidden from view and consequently vulnerable to attack consider the use of security grilles or bars
  5. Older French doors are a particular favourite for criminals because they can be forced and in some cases simply lifted out. Consider installing top and bottom bolts or add a sash jammer
  6. When were your keys last replaced and who has had them in between? It’s slightly uncomfortable feeling to think about who may have had your keys before you? Previous tenants or owners, trades people. Think about replacing door cylinders with new ones
  7. What’s on view? Don’t leave valuables on view. That new Christmas tech gift, should be safely hidden away, not left on display. The same goes for car keys!
  8. In the same way as it’s important to lock windows, not setting a burglar alarm if you have one before you go out makes very little sense. Set it whenever you leave home
  9. If you are ‘rocking around the Christmas tree’ to the early hours this holiday, consider the use of timed lighting so it looks like you’re home, even if you’re not
  10. Don’t put presents under the tree to the last moment, especially if it’s visible from a window.

To help homeowners keep out unwanted visitors this Christmas KJM Group is also offering Hampshire residents free home security checks.

Mark continued: “Most windows and doors fitted in the last few years will be pretty secure but window technology does move on all the time because it has to stay ahead of criminals. That means that the new doors and windows fitted today make it even tougher for would-be burglars to break in.

“If your doors or windows are older, they may be more vulnerable and it’s worth checking to see if for example door cylinder locks, can be upgraded to the latest anti-tamper systems.”

KJM Group offers a full range of secure, low maintenance and thermally efficient windows and doors in an extensive choice of colours and finishes. This includes an anti-pick, anti-drill, and anti-bump door locking cylinder option plus specially strengthened handle and cover designed to protect the cylinder from snapping and manufactured to meet the highest security standards.

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