Aftercare/Warranty Claim

We offer a range of high quality products for your home, which come complete with a comprehensive warranty.

However to make sure this warranty is not compromised, it is essential to carry out the following:


All uPVC products should be cleaned twice a year with warm, soapy water. Non-abrasive cloths should be used and you should never use abrasive cleaners!

Conservatory Cleaning

Conservatory roofs should be cleaned in the same way as above, however you should never walk on conservatory roofs, they are not designed to take this weight. You can purchase extended reach poles to aid cleaning or employ a specialist roof cleaning contractor. “Self Cleaning” glass roofs should be cleaned in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.

Download our free Conservatory Maintenance Guide 


Handles and other furniture should also been be wiped over with warm soapy water.  Handles and other furniture should also been be wiped over regularly with warm soapy water. We recommend monthly cleaning of chrome/gold finish products, especially external hardware. Please also note: Use of non-recommended products will invalidate the warranty as well as damage from rings and other objects that may come into contact with the hardware.


The best way to clean glass sealed units in the past was with warm-soapy water or recommended glass cleaners. We have found a glass cleaning product called e-cloths. Our fitters use them and we have found the results are excellent.  Each E-cloth has a huge number of strands giving the E-cloths their excellent cleaning capability and their high absorbency. When water is added the strands break up, absorb dirt and grease into the cloth and holds it, without leaving it behind on the glass. No cleaning chemicals are required, just water!  E-cloths will last you a long time - at least 300 washes guaranteed. We sell the window cleaning pack from our showroom for £9.49 inc VAT, this provides two cloths, a deep cleaning cloth and polishing cloth! These products really do work. Download our free e-cloth brochure

Care should be taken when cleaning leaded units as they are glued to the face of the glass and can easily be damaged.


It is recommended that you lubricate the hinges on doors and windows at least once year with a light oil (3 in 1, WD40 or similar). You should also lubricate the locking points. We recommend you wipe any excess oil with a clean dry cloth.

Night Ventilation

Your windows are supplied with a night vent facility as standard. Just crack open the sash and close the handle, make sure the locking points are engaged. This should help with any condensation you may have.

Easy-Clean Hinges

Where specified your 1st Floor windows may have an “easy clean facility” on them. This enables you to slide the sash over to make cleaning much easier. These can be in most cases be retrospectively fitted for a reasonable charge.


These can become loose over a period of time and can easily been tightened. See Adjustment/Lubrication

Warranty Claim

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Failed appointments may be charged for : Broken glass is not covered under our warranty: If the fault is covered on KJM's Terms and Conditions, it will be free of charge.