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Integral Blinds – Venetian blinds

Integral Blinds – Venetian blinds

We take a look at integral blinds, ask if they’re right for your home or business and ask how much they cost? 

Integral Blinds

What are integral blinds?

Between glass blinds – also known as ‘integral blinds’; ‘integrated blinds’; ‘interstitial blinds’; and ‘hermetically sealed blinds’ – are similar to traditional venetian blinds but with one major difference. They sit between the panes of glass that make up modern energy efficient double and triple-glazed window.

They’re operated using a magnetic control, which sits on the outside of the glass and allows you to lower or raise the blinds inside the glass and to adjust the amount of light you let into the room by adjusting their angle.

Are there differences between ‘between glass blinds’, ‘integral blinds’; ‘integrated blinds’; ‘interstitial blinds’; and ‘hermetically sealed blinds’?

‘Between glass blinds’, ‘integral blinds’; ‘integrated blinds’; ‘interstitial blinds’; and ‘hermetically sealed blinds’ are the same product. ‘Hermetically’, and ‘interstitial’  are perhaps the least familiar terms.

Hermetically sealed blinds simply mean that the blinds are sealed inside the glass and ‘cut’ off from the outside. Interstitial is another way of saying the same thing – the blinds occupy the space between the glass.

What are the benefits of integral blinds?

What all of those terms mean is that the blinds sit between the glass, not outside it. This delivers a number of benefits to the end user as follows:

  • The first and obvious advantage of integrated blinds is that they occupy their own environment, free from dust, dirt and contact with the external environment and all that goes with it.
  • This means that they don’t get dusty, making them far more hygienic than traditional externally hosted blinds. This makes your home healthier and saves you a job!
  • It also means that they’re almost impossible to damage.  Kids can’t stick their fingers into them and damage the mechanism. Things can’t fall against them and dent or crease the slats. Unless you’re window is damaged, they remain in pristine condition for their entire lifetime.
  • Between glass blinds also by definition, move with the product that they’re fitted to. This means that if you open a window, they won’t rattle in the draft. The same goes for the opening and closing of patio doors or bi-folding doors – the blinds move in sync with the product
  • They give you exceptionally clean sightlines. You don’t need to install external blinds which can interrupt sightlines or simply get in the way, for example in kitchens or bathrooms.

Will integral blinds impact on the energy efficiency of my windows?

The energy efficiency of windows and doors relies on the type of glass used but more importantly, how its spaced and the way that that space is filled, with the top performing energy efficiency and double glazed windows using low emissivity argon or krypton gas, to reduce the transfer of heat from the inside of your home to the cold air outside it.

Integrated blinds sit between the glass, and won’t hugely impact its thermal efficiency because the unit is completely sealed in exactly the same way as a standard glass unit.However the frame of the blind does mean an increased thermal transfer.

Will between glass blinds make my home cooler in summer?

Integrated blinds can help reduce solar gain – perhaps and a little. There are lots of companies which claim that interstitial blinds will reduce solar heat gain but the reality is that if you want to keep your home cool, you need to specify a solar control glass.

Solar control glass, also referred to as anti-sun glass and reflective glass helps to keep your home cool on hot days by limiting the amount of heat it absorbs from the sun by using special coatings and interlayers which are applied to the glass but not noticeable to the eye.

Integral blinds can be designed to reflect or block UV light but they won’t prevent the glass itself from absorbing heat – it’s your choice of glass itself, which will keep your home or conservatory cooler.

What if integral blinds go wrong?

The performance of integral blinds as with everything in this great industry of ours can be wildly variable. The point is as always, you get what you pay for.

We supply the UK’s leading integral blind system. Where its different is that our manufacturer mechanically cycle tests two blinds from each batch that it makes each and every week to 10,000 repetitions.

It means that unlike some other manufacturers, they haven’t just proved that a single product has delivered exceptional performance but that it’s the standard for all of the products that it manufacturers. All are hermetically sealed, argon filled and comply to BSEN 1279.

If that’s not enough, they’re also fully guaranteed for 5 years, a guarantee on the blinds and the units which matches that of a standard high performance double-glazed unit.

Integrated blinds from KJM Andover Hampshire

As well as their industry leading guarantee, integrated blinds from KJM Group, feature a number of other innovations.

This includes simple yet highly functional operation. They’re designed so that the blinds move up and down using high strength magnets and guide rails. They lower raise and tilt using this single operation.

The blinds also raise or lower twice the distance of the magnets, using a sophisticate gearing system. And because they’re operated by magnets, the hermetic seal is also guaranteed.

The system also employs minimal resistance in operation. This reduces strain on the gearing guaranteeing through-life performance.

Blinds are also colour matched to your windows and décor. Stand colours are Silver, Brown, Cream, Dark Brown, Rose Gold, White, Grey, and Gold plus a dual colour option with white inside and anthracite grey outside.

How much do integral blinds cost?

The price you’ll pay for your integral blinds is down to a number of different factors. The specification of your high performance energy efficient insulated glazed units is one. The more energy efficient the higher the price, although it’s worth remembering that this initial outlay will pay for itself over product lifetime in saved energy bills.

The real benefit, however, is once you have them, they’re guaranteed for 5 years and with proper use, will last for the lifetime of your windows.

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