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How much do windows and doors cost?

How much do windows and doors cost?

If there was ever a ‘million dollar question’ this is probably it. How much should you pay for new windows and doors? Take three quotes and depending on the product and the companies quoting, price differentials can range from just a couple of hundred pounds to thousands. 

So why? The first and often most significant contributory factor comes down to simple overheads. Big national players generally have bigger costs and they have to build it into their pricing structure, this can include hefty sales-persons commissions.  

The advantage of buying windows and doors from large national retailers is that they have been around – and can be expected to still be there in the future – and will underwrite their work with a warranty worth having. Some companies warranties have more holes in them than a collander, so beware!

As for product, in most cases they will be installing very similar if not exactly the same windows and doors as smaller suppliers. They won’t have the same overheads and have the flexibility to be more competitive. What you won’t always get here is the redress if there is a problem. There’s also a risk that the business could be swallowed up by another company or close its doors. 

We like to think that KJM Group sits in the middle, we have been around for more than 30 years but operating for the most part in and around Hampshire and adjoining counties, we don’t share the overheads of national companies. This means that we don’t need to build them into the prices that we charge for our work. It means that our customers only pay for the quality of the product and finish.

This aside, the other major factor is material and product choice. Even at an entry level – the sometimes under-valued white PVC-U window – there can be huge differentials in quality. This extends from the number of energy efficient window chambers built inside the window and the density of the profile itself to hardware and weather sealing. 

Material choice, hardwood, aluminium, PVC – it all makes a huge difference to price. Finish choice, the performance of glass, it can all have a wildly variable impact on the price that you pay as a consumer for double glazing and triple glazing, composite doors and conservatories. 

Am I dodging the question? Well perhaps a little but it’s incredibly difficult to draw up a comparison. As a benchmark to replace the windows in an ‘average’ three-bedroom semi with an entry level white PVC-U window, a national company will charge anywhere between £6,000 and £12,000.  

Again, purely for the purpose of benchmarking, a smaller local business may charge you anywhere between £4,000 and £8,000 to do the same.

The problem is, that there is no ‘average’ house and as we have seen, the variables on a simple white window can be huge. Double or triple glazing, choices of different systems, diffrent sizes, different syles and openings, Low E (emissivity) glass – it can make it hard to really get to grips with pricing. However a benchmark cost for the average size house window 1200mm x 1200mm (4ft sq) with a couple of openings would be around £450, fitted including VAT.

We offer one of the region’s widest energy efficient double-glazed and triple-glazed window, door and conservatory and orangery ranges. This includes leading PVC-U systems from Veka and Profile 22. These are available in a wide choice of woodgrain and colour finishes in addition to white. 

We also offer PVC-U windows from Deceuninck, Residence 9 and the Beaumont window from Dempsey Dyer. These products go one step further using foils, mechanical jointing and hand finishing to bridge the gap between a PVC offering and traditional timber windows. 

We also offer Dempsey Dyer wooden sliding sash windows, flush casements, Storm-proof windows and a large selection of doors in Sapele hardwood, oak, softwood, or accoya timber. All are tailor made by experienced craftsmen. 

The price we offer are as a consequence variable depending on the product and configuration – even the type of property. ‘One size fits all’ it isn’t. Rather than how much should windows cost the question is much more about what you’re prepared to pay and what your individual choices are. 

But whatever your price point you need to compare like-for-like quotes. That’s the same window system, the same energy specification and as far as possible, the same quality of service and warranty. 

We often get asked if we can discount our prices. For the record we don’t. We would much rather work with you, price what you want and then give you our best price first time around. A price which allows us to make money and ensure that we’ll be here in the future, which allows us to employ skilled fitting teams and to continue to deliver the levels of service that our customers have come to expect. You should also remember that quotations are both free and hassle-free, that is a cast-iron promise from KJM.

For more information visit kjmgroup.co.uk email sales@kjmgroup.co.uk or call 01264 359355.


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