LivinROOF Conservatory

The LivinRoof (Living roof conservatory) is the first roofing system designed to give you the flexibility to combine solid and glazed roofing seamlessly. You can extend your living space and enhance the thermal insulation to give you a room that you can use all year round.

The LivinROOF conservatory is designed to provide the best-insulated conservatory on the market today. As standard, it has the plastered internal perimeter that can house low energy down-lighters. It gives a solid look to the conservatory creating more of a living room feel. The great feature of LivinROOF is that it can incorporate one, or a number of glazed panels that allows daylight to penetrate deep into your room, making the space instantly brighter, the remaining roof sections are manufactured from highly insulated aluminium panels. The internal space is stunning; it can deliver a plastered vaulted ceiling or the option of a suspended ceiling to match the ceiling height from the adjoining room in some cases. The U-value is a measure of how well a material serves to minimise heat loss, with a lower number indicating a better performing product. Typical polycarbonate conservatories range from 2.4w m/2k to 1.5w m/2k in U-value, depending on the thickness of the material. A value of 1.0w m/2k is seen as desirable for keeping the room cool in summer and warm in winter, this can just about be achieved with modern double glazed units. The LivinROOF has a U-value of just 0.18w m/2k, making it an incredibly efficient choice when it comes to minimising the energy requirements of your home.e windows can be from our casement or tilt and turn range, but to create the ultimate look sliding sash windows or Residence 9 windows are often specified.  Unlike an orangery, it does not have an external flat roof around the perimeter.

Livinroof Conservatory Insulated Roof

LivinRoof conservatory Hampshire

LivinRoof Conservatory Cornice

Externally adding the Ultraframe Cornice section hides the conservatory guttering and provides a smooth finish at the wall/roof interface.

This design can be enhanced further by using a solid wall, if being built close to the boundary and the use of bi-folding doors on one elevation can open up your new LivinROOF conservatory to the garden.

As with our entire range of conservatories the Livin Room can be specified with the latest self-cleaning glass from the Pilkington range, combining solar control to keep the room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

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KJM's LivinROOF roof conservatory can be specified with a number of features/options

  • Choice of roof glass glazing
  • External insulated panels only available in Urban dark grey colour
  • Choice of pelmet size with LED downlighters (if required)
  • Choice of frame glazing including sliding sash windows
  • Bi-folding doors, french doors or patio doors
  • Full electric pack including heating, lights and sockets
  • Plastering
  • Floor tiling
  • Furniture
  • Ceiling fans with lights
  • Roof and window blinds

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LivinROOF conservatory FAQ's

Do you need planning permission to put a solid roof on a conservatory?

Well there is question that is not easily answered. KJM have found that different local authorities don’t interpret the rules in the same way. Most local authorities accept that conservatories that fall under Permitted Development and require upgrading roofs from polycarbonate to glass, or to better glass, or to lightweight tiled roofs are acceptable. However, under planning rules, these are technically a material change (a visual change) so therefore can be challenged by a local authority.The Livinroof is grey dont forget!

If the conservatory is not considered Permitted Development it requires planning, so the WHOLE project is assessed for approval (including roof materials). Generally if you needed planning permission for the initial build then it is almost certain you will require it again.

Also if you require full consent to a project (in writing from the local authority) then the only route is via a Certificate of Lawfulness. These certificates are useful when you come to sell your home, because solicitors will insist on some proof. All in cases KJM would advise that you seek guidance from your local planning office. 

Do you need building regulations to put a solid roof on an existing conservatory?

In most cases the answer to this question is yes. There is a lot of misinformation on the internet and we believe some companies are bending the rules. The LABC offer guidance on this and state this as a potential pitfall “There are several methods of reroofing an existing structure on the market - the easiest and often cheapest way is simply to wrap a new roof over and under the existing roofing system. However, this method is the most likely to overstress the existing roof and wall structure and great care is needed. If you are offered this solution, you should ensure the company quoting to do the work can evidence the stability of the structure with the increased loading and satisfy both you and your local authority building control team of its adequacy”. You can view the LABC guidance document for re-roofing conservatories.

Are solid roof conservatories worth it?

The obvious benefit of a solid conservatory roof over a glass or polycarbonate roof is the improved insulation. The space will stay warmer in winter and keep off the strongest sun in the summer months. The value you will get from having an extension to your living space, is that it is usable all year round so it is a considerable benefit, prospective buyers of your property will think so too.  Most of the benefits of a solid roof are negated if your conservatory is your sunroom, requires a lot of light, maybe because you bring on plants in the spring, or you enjoy the solar gains it offers in the shoulder months of winter. So, the honest answer is if you need a room that you can use each and every day of the year (including colder winter evenings) then a Livinroof solid roof is a perfect solution. If your requirement is not for extra space all year round and you don’t need to use it on hot summers days or cold winter evenings then a solid roof could be the incorrect solution. It is down to how you want to use the conservatory.

How much does it cost to covert an existing conservatory to a solid roof like a Livinroof?

Over-cladding an existing roof is the cheapest solution, but may well not be covered by building regulations. Quoting a reliable figure for a LivinRoof based on rough sizes and a design is easily achieved by sending over some photographs and dimensions via email. We are also happy to help with a no obligation home visit, the choice is yours.

KJM have the expertise to help you create the full package from the first brick to the furnishings!
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