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LivinRoof is a thermally efficient conservatory roof

LivinRoof is a thermally efficient conservatory roof

What is LivinRoof?

LivinRoof internal viewLivinRoof is an alternative to the glass or polycarbonate roof which many conservatories have been built with. It is one of the first roofing systems to seamlessly combine solid and glazed roofing which allows the conservatory to be more thermally efficient, keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  It is constructed from Kingspan insulation and insulated composite external panels. The roof system can also be tailored to insert glass panels wherever you like, to maximise the light entering into the room. Outside the roof is finished in a grey colour but inside the room still has plenty of natural light.

Will LivinRoof fit onto my existing conservatory?

Yes, LivinRoof can act as a roof replacement for any conservatory. It can also be used when constructing a living and light-space extension, so anyone can benefit from this new roofing system.

There are many reasons why you should choose LivinROOF for your roof replacement project. Here's a list of features and benefits to show why this is the No. 1 conservatory roof replacement:

•    LivinRoof roof windows glass panels can be integrated into the design of the LivinRoof without additional cost 

•    This adds visual appeal to the design of the extension

•    You have an individual design that is your own

•    You can take advantage of the sweep of the sun over the extension by choosing which panels to glaze and which to leave solid

•    Bring light into rooms in the house that would otherwise be darker with a solid roof

•    You can TV in the LivinRoof extension without suffering problems with glare whilst having the benefit of natural light

LivinRoof Structure and thermal efficiency

LivinRoof cross-section

The roof has a 0.18 U Value which is 15 times more thermally efficient than a polycarbonate roof or old glass roof without solar control.

•    The room will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter

•    Heating costs will be reduced

•    The room can be used 365 days of the year

•    New high quality thermally efficient glazing can be used to enhance the  performance of your roof where glass panels are inserted.

LivinROOF encompasses the LivinRoom internal pelmet

The plastered internal perimeter can house down-lighters. It gives a solid look to the conservatory creating more of a living room feel. In essence it gives  the conservatory the look of an Orangery. 

•    You can insert lights in the LivinRoom  pelmet around the perimeter of the extension, providing attractive mood lighting

•    You could fit speakers to LivinRoom with hidden cables led through to your amplifierLivinRoof has vaulted ceiling and a plasterboard finish

•    The vaulted ceiling provides a light spacious feel to the extension

•    The plasterboard finish makes the extension feel as though it is part of the house.

LivinRoof is only available externally in grey

LivinRoof external view

•    LivinRoof is supplied in RAL7016  grey as standard

•    This has the appearance of a rolled lead roof with a conservatory feel.

•    When installed it looks very similar to the appearance as a glass roof, reflecting the sky

•    It will not show dirt whereas other colours and roof finishes will.

LivinRoof cornice

•    LivinRoof has cornice as an option, there are four choices available for these

•    Cornice provides the wow factor to finish to the exterior with classic lines, that hides the guttering

LivinRoof interior

•    LivinRoof has an under-ridge capping for lights to be installed

•    This allows you to specify downlight's or pendant lights of your choice to be fixed under the ridge for main or mood lighting.

LivinRoof and Building regulations

Building regulation compliance is required for all solid roof conversions and new build extensions, the Ultraframe JHAI partnership provides peace of mind regarding the performance of the roof and to ensure that there are no problems with compliance when you decide to sell your house.

•    KJM & Ultraframe have partnered with JHAI to provide building regulations completion certificates

•    JHAI provide a low cost consistent way of getting building regulations approval with national coverage, having a practical, pragmatic approach

See our conservatory page for more information on our extensive range.

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