29th March 2017

Landlords and energy performance certificates (EPC)

Hampshire landlords could face substantial fines If properties fall short of new energy targets - warning

17th March 2017

Ultion Door Lock Cylinders

Security Door cylinders - Make the right choice

20th January 2017

High Energy Bills and your Windows and Doors

Almost half of us try to dodge high bills by leaving heating off

The poll by the Energy Saving Trust found that 42 per cent of homeowners left heating off in cold snaps, because they didn’t want to be hit by high energy bills in the Spring.

02nd January 2017

When is it time to change my windows?

When should you replace your windows?

30th November 2016

10 Simple Security Tips for your Home

17th October 2016

Which? Guide to buying windows & doors

New Which report highlights what to look for and to avoid in double-glazing companies

The Which? survey rates each company for a number of important factors, including customer service, quality of products and installation, knowledge and helpfulness of staff, and mess made during the installation

15th September 2016

Inspire Service Excellence Award Finalists 2016

14th September 2016

KJM urges Hants owners to insulate themselves from the energy fallout from Brexit

09th April 2016

Energy Prices Increases?

Tariff changes signal the end of ‘cheap’ energy

Homeowners could face energy price increase of up to £377 with the end of 29 energy deals putting home energy efficiency, firmly back on the agenda

17th March 2016

7th Network Veka Customer Satisfaction Award