Date posted: 30th August 2017

MP lends political gravitas to KJM campaign

MP for North West Hampshire, Kit Malthouse, has committed to flag sharp trading practices online, after being contacted by Andover home improvement specialist, KJM Group.

The Mylen Road window, door and conservatory company raised concerns after being targeted by a competitor business, which used KJM Windows name in Google Ads but then linked to its own website.

Because KJM Group had not registered its name as Trademark, the practice was perfectly legal. As such, it also meant KJM could not challenge the use of its name with Google.

Writing to KJM Group Managing Director, Mark Pearce, Mr.Malthouse’s parliamentary office expressed his ‘extreme concern’ about KJM Group’s experience, confirming that the MP would be raising the points made by it in parliament.

Mark Pearce, said: “It’s been a real learning curve for me personally and if we can help other Hampshire businesses avoid those same pitfalls then at the very least, something positive has come out of it.

“The most important thing is that if you are the owner of a small business, it’s really important to register your company name and trademark as soon as possible to safeguard your brand and reputation online.”

The warning issued by KJM Group was picked up by consumer watchdog Which? last month (Aug.) and issued to its Trusted Trader network, of which KJM Group is also a member.

Which? urged fellow members to watch out for ‘sharp business practices’ and warned  that ‘registering your businesses name with Companies House, is not the same as protecting it with a Trademark’.

KJM Windows and Conservatories, issued its warning earlier this summer after, Cheapest Double Glazing, registered to an address in London, ran a series of Google Ads in April. These used the header 'KJM Windows – Top Quality Windows and Doors –’.

Mark continued: “We believe that more has to be done to regulate online advertising. There are clearly loopholes, which some businesses are and will exploit – and the only thing that is going to change that is regulation, which at present, is in our view is failing to keep up.”

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