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Is It Worth Upgrading My Double Glazed Windows?

Is It Worth Upgrading My Double Glazed Windows?

When considering home improvement projects, it can be difficult to know where to start. So many aspects of a home can be considered important, from the aesthetics of the exterior to the colour of the inside carpets! With this in mind, we’d love to give you a hand on where to start.

KJM are trusted installers of double glazed windows, doors, and conservatories across Hampshire, Berkshire, Dorset, Surrey and Wiltshire. Our bespoke home improvements are built to satisfy homeowners across the area- there’s a reason we’re featured on Which? Trusted Trader! Our specialties include windows, doors, and conservatories, as well as triple glazed home improvements for a real performance boost to any property. With this in mind- is it worth upgrading your double glazed windows? How do you know when it’s time to replace them? We’ll discuss these questions in this handy article.

When Should I Upgrade?

Let’s start with the things you’re likely to notice about out of date double glazing. There could be draughts coming in from your windows, which you might notice in certain areas of the house- perhaps some rooms are colder than others.

You may also be able to tell that you’re getting cold more easily at home, and have to bump up the heating more frequently. In the same boat, your energy bills might have increased, which can be a sign that your windows are not providing adequate insulation. Old or poorly performing windows can allow heat to escape during the winter months, making you feel the chill more frequently. This can make it cost more to heat your home to a comfortable temperature.

Just as you might be able to feel the cold, you might also be able to see it! Check around your double glazing installations for condensation between the panes, or cracks in the frame. This can be a surefire sign that your double glazing insulation has failed, with heat escaping between the panels. Also check for signs of mould, damp or leaking- these are important to get checked out when you find them, as they can cause damage to your property over time. These are important signs to take the health of your windows into consideration if you’re thinking about upgrading your home.

It’s also important to think about the security of your windows. If you live in a more traditional property, it could be that your windows are out of date when it comes to security features. This can be a huge, waving sign to burglars that they won’t have a difficult time getting in! This is a very good reason to consider upgrading your double glazing, as the cost of replacing your windows can definitely be offset by enhancing security and preventing further damage to your property.

Property Value- Do Windows Matter?

If you’re thinking about selling your home, whether in the near or distant future, it can be important to ensure your windows are up to scratch. Buyers take notice of energy efficiency and security inside the homes they are thinking about making offers for, to safeguard their new home for the future. Whether you want to increase the value of your home or just enhance its overall value and curb appeal, upgrading your windows can be a great way to leave a lasting impression. Old or out of date windows can also make a property look dated and unattractive, whereas a bright new set can easily entice the eye.

Do the Savings Add Up?

So, you’re thinking about upgrading your double glazed windows. Whether it’s for increased security, weatherproofing or energy efficiency, it’s important to think about whether the cost of your new home improvements are worth the time and energy you’ll save in the future.

When it comes to upgrading your double glazing, it’s useful to think of your upgrade as an investment. You’re likely to save money on energy bills over time, which may help to pay off the cost of your windows. You’re also thinking ahead and safeguarding your home against expensive maintenance costs in the future, ensuring your home remains free of damp, mould and other common ailments.

Here at KJM, we know that double glazing is a great investment for any homeowner- but only if it’s up to date and performing well. That’s why it can be so crucial to update older installations when the time comes!

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