Date posted: 14th September 2016

KJM urges Hants owners to insulate themselves from the energy fallout from Brexit

KJM Group has warned that Hants homeowners could face significantly higher energy bills this winter.

UK energy prices climbed to near nine-month highs in the aftermath of the referendum in the summer as the market began to anticipate winter blackouts.

In addition, the UK is a net importer of gas and coal, which are traded in dollars, meaning that a prolonged post-Brexit sterling slump could mean higher energy prices in the long term.

Andover-based home improvement specialist KJM Group, has warned that this could mean that homeowners face higher bills going into the winter.

Managing Director, Mark Pearce explained: “There are a lot of things that were forecast to happen after the EU referendum vote which haven’t but one that was and has, is the slump in the value of Sterling. 

“This creates a real challenge as the UK imports most of its gas and a large proportion of coal – commodities traded in dollars. The pound is now weaker, which means it’s worth less against the dollar, so gas and coal costs more.

“While energy companies have so far absorbed these costs, forecasts suggest that they could start to pass on increases in costs as early as the start of autumn, which makes home energy efficiency a real priority.”

Government figures show, 81 per cent of the UK’s housing stock was built before 1990, with one in five properties constructed before 1919, making their heating a major source of energy consumption.

According to the Energy Saving Trust an uninsulated home will lose 66% of its heat through solid walls or 33% through uninsulated cavity walls. The next biggest offender for heat loss is roof space at 25%, with windows and doors third on the list accounting for 20 per cent of heat loss. 

Energy efficient windows and doors can cut this heat loss by up to 75 per cent. In a detached three-bedroom home, according to the Energy Saving Trust, this can equate to an annual saving over and above single – and in many cases, older double-glazed windows - of up to £160 a year in heating bills. 

Mark continues: “Obviously if energy prices go up, payback on energy efficient home improvements also increases, so you’ll see a return on the purchase of new energy efficient doors and other home insulation more quickly.”. 

KJM Group supplies an extensive range of low maintenance and energy efficient windows and doors, throughout Hampshire, Dorset, and Wiltshire. This includes casement, tilt and turn and vertical sliding windows and doors in PVC-U, timber and aluminium and energy saving triple-glazed windows with U-values as low as 0.66W/m².K.
“A new generation of energy efficient windows and doors, delivers far better performance today than even double-glazed products installed a decade ago”, says Mark. 

He concludes: “They will also deliver a stack of benefits including improved security features which older windows and doors just don’t have.”

For more information on our range of energy efficient windows and doors call or email the sales team on 01264 359355 or