Ultion Door Lock Cylinders

Security Door cylinders - Make the right choice

Date posted

17th March 2017

Homes vulnerable to break-in - Lock your door

Remember to lock your door properly

KJM Group, has warned that thousands of homeowners across Hampshire are failing to lock their front and back doors properly, leaving them vulnerable to opportunist burglars this Christmas.

Date posted

01st December 2017

When is it time to change my windows?

When should you replace your windows?

Date posted

02nd January 2017

KJM introduce the UltraRoof 380

Extend your home at a fraction of the cost

KJM Group has added the new Ultraframe conservatory replacement and new build modular solid roof to its product portfolio.

Date posted

05th May 2017

Landlords and energy performance certificates (EPC)

Hampshire landlords could face substantial fines If properties fall short of new energy targets - warning

Date posted

29th March 2017

‘Misleading’ Google online ads

Google Adword Adverts

Hants retailers could be losing thousands of pounds of new business to copycat advertisers who exploit their brand and local reputation, online

Date posted

22nd July 2017

High Energy Bills and your Windows and Doors

Almost half of us try to dodge high bills by leaving heating off

The poll by the Energy Saving Trust found that 42 per cent of homeowners left heating off in cold snaps, because they didn’t want to be hit by high energy bills in the Spring.

Date posted

20th January 2017

KJM campaign picked up by consumer watchdog, Which?

Date posted

31st July 2017

Landlords on ‘thin ice’ when it comes to energy efficiency

Minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES)

The energy efficiency of rental properties comes into force soon

Date posted

06th November 2017

Crime and National Home Security Month

With the latest annual figures for burglary in Hampshire showing a major rise, KJM Group is offering free home security checks, to help Hants home-owners keep their homes secure and safe.

Date posted

02nd October 2017

MP lends political gravitas to KJM campaign

Date posted

30th August 2017