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Home Security

Home Security

Windows and doors play a critical part in home security and the window industry has collectively invested millions in a never ending battle to outwit burglars.

The challenge is that in common with the automotive industry, the systems we used just a few years ago, although cutting edge at their time, can be vulnerable to new techniques which, if nothing else, a very determined criminal fraternity are now using to commit crime.

The most common of these exploits a vulnerability in the Eurocylinder locking system. This ‘snapping’ methodology breaks the lock, giving burglars access to a property. It may be some way from Hampshire but figures released from Yorkshire Police suggest that the technique is used in around 25 per cent of all burglaries. And unfortunately on this one, there is regrettably no ‘North South Divide’.

The Door and Hardware Federation estimates that of the 45 million entrance doors in the UK, Eurocylinders are fitted in more than 70 per cent. And we would be lying if we said we hadn’t fitted them. KJM like everyone else in the industry supplied them because they were at that point, the most secure and highly accredited solution available.

If you bought a door from us in the last year, you can breathe a sigh of relief – we haven’t used the Eurocylinder for last 12-months, for exactly this reason. And if your door was bought from us before then, there is no need to panic. It remains secure to all but the most determined criminals.

But what we would suggest is it might just be worth upgrading your lock to an anti-snap cylinder. We or a locksmith can do this for you with very little disruption. You should look for PAS 3621 or TS 007 Kite-marks, which are designed to resist attack. Cylinder snapping serves to make the point that what was at the cutting edge of security a few years ago may not be now.

There has been the same evolution in window security, as an industry we moved from simple rollers and horse shoe strike plates, to mushroom locking mechanisms and now hook bolts. Each product was effective in its day until criminals developed new ways to gain entry from crude jimmying apart to more sophisticated door snapping and bumping techniques.

If your windows and doors are older, it might be worth getting in touch. We’re happy to carry out a free window and door home security check. It’s also worth remembering that it’s not just window and door security which has moved on but also energy efficiency and aesthetics.

Please get in touch if you would like to book an appointment: email sales@kjmgroup.co.uk or call 01264 359355. Alternatively, for more information on National Home Security Month visit: http://www.homesecuritymonth.com

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