Date posted: 18th July 2015


FENSA Registered Companies - PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT THE FENSA WEBSITE - The information below is how to get a replacement certificate.

FENSA was set up by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) at the request of the the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG)  to allow registered companies to self-certify that their installations comply with current Building Regulations. FENSA does not apply to commercial premises or New Build properties. In both of these instances you are required to go through the Local Authority Building Control process. FENSA Registration is also not applicable to the Installation of Conservatories or Porches by a FENSA registered Business. This also means that if you had windows and or door(s) installed in an extension that required building regulations, the installation will have been covered under the Building Regulation notice for that project.

FENSA Replacement Certificate

If you are selling a property that has had replacement windows or doors (with less than 50% glass) installed since July 2002, you will need to provide the purchaser with a FENSA certificate. Not having this important document can hold up the sale of the property, so do please make sure that if you have had (or are planning to have) any replacement windows or doors installed in your home that you receive a FENSA certificate within 6-8 weeks after the work is carried out. You can check online at that your installer did register the work they carried out on your property with FENSA. You can reorder a certificate for a small fee at or use this link to check the installation has been registered.

KJM's Fensa Registration details

You can check that any company is registered with this scheme through the FENSA website. It is worth pointing out that there are other ways to register window and door installations. Its either through the local authority direct or another competent persons scheme. 

KJM's FENSA registration number is 18578 - Our details can be found at:-‚Äč

Fensa Benefits

  • Fensa is the largest scheme in the UK today, at the time of writing this blog piece there were around 9000 companies registered
  • All FENSA registered companies are continually re-assessed by an independent inspection body to ensure consistency of Building Regulations adherence and service
  • FENSA does not demand any specific brand of insurance from its installers – homeowners and installers have freedom of choice over insurance providers whose policies are underwritten by ‘different’ insurance companies (FENSA is not insurance-led)

Like I pointed out earlier there are other schemes and a company being a member of FENSA does not always mean they have 100% credibility. It is just one piece of a huge jigsaw puzzle that can add credibility.