Date posted: 13th May 2016

Can you fit a cat flap to a uPVC Door?

There is another ‘million dollar question’ following on from "my how much do window and doors cost" blog and that is "Can I fit a cat-flap in to my existing uPVC door or new patio door".

A simple answer to this question is yes! We can install a cat flap or dog flap in to most of our door range, including solid doors, flat panels and even double glazed sealed units, meaning your pets can continue to have easy access to your home. We normally recommend that you purchase your own pet-flap as there is such a huge choice on the market, staring from less than £10 to over £100.

Cat-flaps can come with some or all of the following benefits:-

  • Smart Flap ® The most technologically advanced cat-flap on the market today that reads your cat's microchip, so no need for a collar.
  • 4-Way locking cat-flaps. The 4-way lock function offers the ultimate in flexibility. You can set the flap to be open, closed, or in or out only. These can also be specified with a special magnetic collar. 
  • Cat-flaps suitable for holes in glass double glazed sealed units.

There are only a few doors these will not operate with, generally a decorative feature in the lower part of the door makes sealing the flap to the door harder.

Please feel free to enquire if you would like any further information on our range of windows and doors with pet flaps.

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